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Communication Cell Block Project and WiFi for 33 federal prisons Nationwide:

American Inspector participated as a consulting firm for the preparation of the project, which involves installation of blocking and / or inhibition of radio signals from mobile service and Wi-Fi in 33 prisons in the country grouped just over 90% of the prison population, which will help to substantially reduce organized crime from prison (extortion, theft, drug trafficking, etc.).

The project also includes the installation of public telephones in those prisons, ensuring the safety of performing internal communications. In that sense, the project is self-sustaining (the investment will be recovered by charging service fees public telephone), so the state co-financing is not contemplated.

The project was awarded and granted the award on June 30th, 2014

More latest projects

Project for Electronic Shackles

American Inspector participated as a consultant on a project which is to provide a service electronic monitoring through the use of electronic devices (bracelets or anklets) for inmates who could access such personal electronic surveillance, in order to decongest prisons people who do not pose danger to society, saving significant resources to modernize the state and the Peruvian prison system.

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Consulting for implementation of Electronic Security System with CCTV for 14 place of the Ministry of Education.
  1. The Ministry of Education - Executive Unit 024: Central (the Bank) Head Office, called Selective Direct Award-ED No. 045-2013 / 024 EU (hereinafter ADS) to have the "Diagnostic Consulting Service, implementation of Technical Security System for implementing the "Plan Electronic Security and CCTV for 14 Locals of the Ministry of Education" (hereinafter, the Consultant).

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